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Has an Injury Affected Your Ability to Work?

Seek compensation with help from a workers' compensation attorney in Attleboro, MA

If you have a job that involves manual labor, you might be required to sacrifice your wellness and put your body at risk on the job. Even if this is an understood part of your job, getting injured due to negligence or too much strain on your body isn't in your job description. A construction site injury or other workplace accident could entitle you to compensation. You should work with the workers' compensation attorney at the Law Office of Michael P. Carroll, PC in Attleboro, MA to get the reparations you deserve.

See if you fall under one of the disability classifications
Our workers' compensation attorney will attempt to prove that your ability to work has been affected by your workplace injury. The severity of your disability can fall under the following categories:

Temporary partial disability: the injured worker is temporarily prevented from performing a certain set of job skills but can still work at a reduced level.

Temporary total disability: an injury has rendered an employee completely unable to perform any job functions on a temporary basis. The employee is expected to make a full recovery and return to work.

Permanent partial disability: the injured employee can still work but not with the skill and efficiency demonstrated prior to the injury.
Permanent total disability: the injured employee is incapable of ever working again at any employment.

Depending on the type of injury you've sustained, you'll be entitled to different amounts of payouts at varying frequencies. You can count on us to seek the highest damages possible. Get in touch with us now to tell us about a construction site injury, slip-and-fall injury or other injury you sustained.

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