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Criminal Lawyer in Attleboro & Bristol County

A good lawyer can make all the difference

If you are facing criminal charges, hire an experienced defense attorney in Attleboro, Massachusetts. A good criminal defense lawyer can make all the difference.

Attorney Michael Carroll helps clients fight back against criminal charges. If you have been charged with a crime, or think you may be charged with a crime, the sooner you call a criminal defense lawyer the better. An experienced defense attorney can give you the legal advice you need to avoid saying or doing things that will hurt your case.

Call our Attleboro law office at 508-222-5297 for a free initial consultation.

Criminal law cases we handle

  • DUI/OUI - Driving Under the Influence
  • Assault and battery defense
  • Gun crimes defense, from unlawful possession to use of a weapon to commit a crime
  • Domestic violence defense, including defense against accusations of stalking and violation of restraining orders
  • Theft crimes defense, including armed robbery, embezzlement, writing bad checks, and shoplifting
  • Drug crimes defense, including possession of illegal drugs or controlled substances, possession with intent to distribute, and sale or distribution of drugs
  • Sex crimes defense, including sexual assault and possession of child pornography

We understand that good people can end up in unfortunate circumstances

Before he became an attorney, Michael Carroll worked with youth people who struggled with addiction and mental health problems. These are two common contributors to criminal action, whether the person works in the trades, in a medical setting, as a lawyer or a student. When struggling with addiction or mental health issues, good people can make bad decisions – decisions that result in criminal charges.

Now as a criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Carroll understands the challenges his clients face. You can expect to be treated with professionalism, empathy and compassion at his Attleboro law office.

Contesting Restraining Orders

It’s not uncommon for a partner to seek a restraining order prior to and during the break-up of a relationship. Sometimes that’s necessary to prevent a bad situation from getting worse. But sometimes it’s one partner using the legal system to get back at the other.

Our law firm helps clients fight back against civil restraining orders. You may not be able to fight the initial emergency order. Usually you do not know it’s coming. But before a “permanent” order is approved, you will have your day in court. Bring a defense lawyer with you to fight for you.

Criminal charges in Massachusetts

Facing criminal charges in Massachusetts does not make you guilty. Attorney Carroll provides aggressive representation to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Call us today to talk with a seasoned criminal defense attorney at 508-222-5297.

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