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Compassion, Empathy and Understanding

Both my life experiences and professional experiences contribute to my ability to be an effective and compasionate advocate. Prior to the practice of law, I spent many years working for insurance companies resolving injury claims. Additionally, I worked with adolescents that struggled with both addiction and mental health. These experiences provide me with insight and understanding that is unique in the practice of law.

Working with insurnace companies has provided me with a perspective in understanding what it takes to maximize a payout for a client. I have firsthand knowledge and experience in losing a family member as a result of a wrongful dealth

Sometimes, addiction and mental health struggles result in criminal charges. I understand good people sometimes end up in unfortunate circumstances. This happens to people in professional trades, doctors, retail, hospitality, and lawyers.

Divorce is difficult for all involved and I have a grasp on the emotional toll it takes on a family that is now going to be separated.

Compassion, empathy and understanding has been the result of life experiences.

Learn about our Attorney's impressive background

You can tell from the previous positions our attorney has held that he has a passion for helping people and a wide variety of knowledge to draw from. The attorney has:

  • Successfully handled a large variety of family law cases.
  • Worked in the insurance industry to settle claims with attorneys
  • Provided representation to clients for cases that resulted in large payouts
  • Been employed at a residential home that helped adolescents with substance abuse and mental health issues.
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